MAMA necklace – Strawberry quartz

MAMA necklace – Strawberry quartz

128,00  (964,42 kn)

Beautiful necklaces, with powerful deep pink crystals, full of love energy – for all MAMAs out there!
for you, for your mama, for future mama 🙂

✓ handmade of recycled sterling silver & fine silver
✓ hanging on long sterling silver chain – pendants size approx. 3cm
✓ you will get one polish cloth with your necklace – I use only natural stones and it’s possible they have small cracks that are part of its natural state (but I always try to pick the most high quality stones)

*Strawberry quartz is said to be helpful for people who are trying to find their soulmate, attract abundance, heal their wounds, and move forward in life.
Cleansing and Charging Strawberry Quartz//
It cannot be exposed to direct sunlight and therefore cannot be used to cleanse or charge the Strawberry Quartz. Instead, Strawberry Quartz must be cleansed in lukewarm water (or rain) but for short time (few minutes).
For charging this stone, just place it in direct moonlight over night 🙂

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··❂··All of the items are handmade with passion, heart and soul, meant to last. They are also hand finished, and because of this, no two items are exactly alike or perfect. All handmade items will have natural imperfections, but because of that Ayelen creations are unique and one of a kind.

***** NOTE TO BUYERS-  For fine jewelry it is important to – avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, water, or hair products and it is recommended that you store all jewelry in the provided box. I use only natural and quality stones – so it is possible that they have small imperfections…

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