FERN Chrysoprase necklace

FERN Chrysoprase necklace


✓ unique necklaces – full of forest magic 🙂
✓ 100% handmade of sterling silver, Chrysoprase crystals, made with real fern print – hanging on steel chain
✓ you will get one polish cloth with your necklace  (the color of silver/copper/brass, over time gets patina in natural way – please read more about jewelry care in – jewelry care guide on my web site)

1* GOLDEN FERN – one side is brass (other side is silver) 6cm pendant size
2* SILVER oval fern two pendants – sterling silver – pendant size approx.4cm – you can remove crystal pendant if you want 🙂

Chrysoprase is one of the birthstones for May and has traditionally symbolized happiness, enterprise and prudence. It is a powerful stone that brings good fortune and prosperity.

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***Wearers should take precaution since the bottle is made of glass, Ayelen creations is not responsible for any damage caused if the glass breaks. Remove the cap by screwing it from the bottle and not from the handle.

For making these bottles, it takes a lot of steps,time and patience. The process of production is quite complicated, and slow. All of my jewelry is handmade and should be treated as such – best is to keep it separately with other jewels, in dry place, (avoid water – to protect the metals from tarnish 🙂

··❂··All of the items are handmade with passion, heart and soul, meant to last. They are also hand finished, and because of this, no two items are exactly alike or perfect. All handmade items will have natural imperfections, but because of that Ayelen creations are unique and one of a kind.

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