Crystal snakes necklaces

Crystal snakes necklaces

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Beautiful and unique talisman necklaces 🙂

✓ handmade of silver and stones
✓ perfect for every day wear
✓ you will get one polish cloth with your necklace!

1.) GOLDEN QUARTZ – sterling silver snakes hanging on shorter stainless steel chain (steel- antiallergic, stronger then silver, it can go in water)
2.) BLUE LABRADORITE – sterling silver snakes hanging on shorter sterling silver chain
3.) TURQUOISE (natural from US) – sterling silver snakes hanging on shorter sterling silver chain – please avoid water

***GOLDEN QUARTZ- for the Golden Rutilated Quartz crystal – it is said to energetically cleanse the aura of negative energy and promote spiritual growth. Rutilated quartz is a variety of quartz containing acicular inclusions. These needle-like inclusions are of rutile, which is a mineral containing titanium dioxide and often contains iron oxide, in various quantities.

***LABRADORITE- is a stone of magic and mystery. It is said to be a stone of transformation, and is used to help one find their true path in life. Labradorite is also said to be a stone of protection, and is used to guard against negative energy and to promote healing.

***TURQUOISE- Turquoise is one of the oldest healing stones in history. The Native American Indians, and before them the Tibetans, and before them the Egyptians were enamored by Turquoise and considered it to have great healing powers. In the world of crystal healing, Turquoise is supposed to be a stone of communication (throat chakra).
Water and humidity are not recommended. This mineral from dry and arid environments will absorb liquids and chemical products (water, soap, cream) and the color will be altered.

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··❂··All of the items are handmade with passion, heart and soul, meant to last. They are also hand finished, and because of this, no two items are exactly alike or perfect. All handmade items will have natural imperfections, but because of that Ayelen creations are unique and one of a kind.

***** NOTE TO BUYERS-  For fine jewelry it is important to – avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, water, or hair products and it is recommended that you store all jewelry in the provided box. I use only natural and quality stones – so it is possible that they have small imperfections…

Taking care of silver // brass
Rinse your metal jewelry with warm water and mild soap every once in a while, dry and clean them regularly with a soft cotton cloth. For a proper clean you can use Purol, metal polish.
Recommendation is to remove your metal jewelry before applying beauty products, before going swimming or showering, and never keep it in your bathroom. (especialy with natural crystals)

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